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Jesus teaches that we are to love our neighbours and at Trafalgar we are always finding new ways to do just that. We engage in a variety of ministries to care for the world around us. We strive to feed those who are hungry and welcome those who are in need of care. Along with a variety of other initiatives, we continue to invest in the following initiatives:

  • Since 2010, Trafalgar has hosted a weekly BBQ in a nearby subsidized housing neighbourhood. Working alongside residents, we enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs, along with watermelon, freezies and other treats every Wednesday evening. Children from both communities play together as food is prepared and shared in an atmosphere of welcome.

  • Each Christmas Trafalgar partners with designated neigbourhoods and creates an Angel Tree that invites TPC families to provide Christmas presents and food vouchers for thirty or more families in that community. We also work with community leaders to collect, sort and distribute winter clothes to local families each November.

  • In all seasons, a large bin near our front door collects non-perishable food items which are taken regularly to the local food bank. Especially needed are canned meat and fish, pasta, baby formula, and cereal.

  • Trafalgar planted a community garden where people grow tomatoes, squash, herbs and a wide variety of other vegetables. Each 4′ by 8′ plot is free of charge (although gardeners are invited to make a donation if they are able) and while some are tended by members of the congregation, we also receive referrals from community agencies and local partners.

  • Each year Trafalgar cares for God’s creation through the local Earth Day Clean Up. Working with the Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology & Human Rights, we host a site for collecting garbage at a nearby section of walking trail. Youth, adults and children from the church join neighbours and from the surrounding area to pick up litter.

   If you are eager to serve others in practical and meaningful ways, we are ready to help. Simply send an     email to our administrator at

Fun & Friendship

At Trafalgar, we understand that relationships are at the heart of any community, and that is especially true for Christians spending time together helps each of us to feel connected in important ways. This is a community who loves to laugh and have a good time together!

In all of our activities, we remember that Jesus delighted in human relationship and loved to have a good time himself. We intentionally create events that welcoming to individuals from any background and families of all shapes and sizes. You are invited!

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