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Spiritual Growth

We believe that God created each one of us with a need for spiritual connection, and seek to provide opportunities for everyone to cultivate a life of faith. All of our programs are accessible to the community as well as to members of the church. ​

In our Prayer Shawl Ministry, knitters make beautiful, one of a kind shawls.  These are given to individuals as an encouragement to draw on God's healing power through prayer.  It also declares to those who are distressed that they are surrounded by a community who holds them in-filled prayer.

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 Weekly Bible studies are held seasonally, led by the minister or elders, and have a variety of formats.  Some address current issues while others concentrate on a particular book of the Bible. More information is available in our weekly newsletter.

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Our prayer chain receives requests from the congregation and the minister as concerns arise and shares these requests with a small, confidential group of volunteers by email.  A prayer book is also available on Sundays where you may ask the minister a special request in the morning service.  We will be glad to pray for you too.

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We teach and support the practice of various spiritual disciplines at home such as hospitality, Sabbath keeping, car for God's creation and prayer.  Often in the season of Lent/ Easter or Advent/ Christmas we find ways to be especially attentive to our spiritual developement in ways that include children and families.

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